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March 2017 Newletter Updates

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We hope your semester is going smoothly! And if it’s not, you’ll be happy to know you’re past the halfway mark; just hold on a little longer! We’ve got a bunch of fun stuff to share with you this month, so we hope you can take a break from all the work and come have some fun with us.

1. Pub Night
2. Women in Archaeology
3. Faunal Interest Group
4. Divinations Undergraduate Conference
5. UTM Undergraduate Conference
6. Book Sale
7. Summer Job Opportunity
8. A Haiku

1. Join us on Thursday, March 9 for another pub night! This one is being co-hosted by your ASA and the Undergraduate Sociology Students’ Union. The fun (and free beer) will start at 8pm at the Fox and the Fiddle (280 Bloor St. W.), and we hope to see you all there!

Please note that this is a 19+ event an IDs will be checked! And also that dietary restrictions can be taken into consideration. Just contact us for more information!

2. On Thursday, March 16 we will be hosting a discussion led by Prof. Katherine Patton. The discussion will focus on women in anthropology and archaeology. Students from all disciplines and all years are welcome to attend! It will be a relaxed, conversational event, so don’t feel intimidated. A wonderful time is guaranteed, and so is free food!

3. On Saturday, March 18 the Faunal Interest Group is holding a Landscape Interactions and Zooarchaeology Symposium! There is an excellent line up of presenters and Dr. Lesley Howse will be the keynote speaker. There is no cost but please visit their website and register if you are interested in attending so that they have counts for meals. The website also has the program for the day, with all meals and breaks provided as it is a Saturday on campus. If you have any questions you can email the address on the below website.

4. Join us on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 for the first ever Divinations Undergraduate Conference hosted by your ASA. This conference is specifically designed to allow undergraduate students a chance to showcase their work for the first time in a comfortable environment.

The conference will begin at 10am in AP124 with poster presentations focused on public archaeology and heritage placements undertaken by students over the past year. Paper presentations will follow in the afternoon in AP130, with topics ranging across the entire discipline of anthropology.

No registration is required to attend, and there will be free food! Check the ASA website for more details as we get closer to March 22, or email Anneliese Mills ( for more information!

5. Just two days after our own conference, UTM’s Anthropology Society will be holding their own undergraduate conference on March 24, 2017. The event will run from 9am to 4pm in the Council Chambers, and their keynote speaker will be Jubal Jamieson, First Nations Archaeology Monitor. For more information you can email

6. Since our first two book sales of the year were such a success, we’re going to have a third to round out the year! On Monday, March 27 we will be selling books from our collection in the Anthropology Building from 10am to 4:30pm. Location details are still being finalized, but if you show up on March 27 looking for books, we’ll have signs all over directing you to the sale! Check back on the ASA website for the finalized details in a week or two. And look out for the updated list of available books that we will be sharing in the ASA Facebook Group soon! Don’t forget: paperbacks are just $2 and hardcovers are just $3! Hope to see you there!

7. Looking for something to do this summer? Want to get some great experience with a wonderful initiative? The Toronto Ward Museum is currently looking to fill five youth fellowship positions. The position is open to anyone aged 22-30, will run from May to July, with a workshop occurring in April, and will pay $2000.

The project, Block by Block, is a participatory, multimedia project that is led by youth. It seeks to engage the public in a dialogue around the impact local communities have in the lives of newcomers through an exchange of personal stories, reflections, and testimonies.

As part of the training, fellows will engage in a workshop on oral histories and digital storytelling conducted by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. We definitely recommend this experience to any interested anthropology students.

The application deadline is March 10, 2017 and you can find the application form here. Good luck!

8. And finally, enjoy another haiku! As the summer field season is approaching, this one’s for all the diggers out there:

Trowelling in the rain,
Sitting in a muddy hole.
Need a cup of tea.

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