The Anthropology Students’ Association (ASA) is the official student union for Anthropology undergraduates at the University of Toronto St. George. The ASA, which is governed by an executive board composed of annually elected undergraduate students, acts as a medium between the Department of Anthropology and Anthropology undergraduates by representing undergraduate students on a number of departmental boards and committees as well as to the department administration directly. The ASA’s main objective is to continuously improve the quality of the undergraduate experience for Anthropology undergraduates at the University of Toronto St. George. Our constitution can be found here.

The ASA houses many valuable resources for undergraduates, which include: a past test and syllabi database, student feedback on courses and instructors, information on anthropological and archaeological field-schools/projects, information on graduate programs, and more. The ASA also prints an annual journal of undergraduate papers in Anthropology and its sub disciplines.

The ASA also hosts a number of academic and entertainment events including: academic lecture seminars highlighting the research conducted by department professors and graduate students, a graduate school information seminar for undergraduates considering graduate studies, field-school information seminars, games nights, pub nights, an end-of-the-year semi-formal, and more.

The ASA encourages all Anthropology undergraduates and those interested in Anthropology to register with us. Registered members will receive our weekly newsletter and updates on ASA activities, and will be eligible for receiving additional resources from the ASA. You can also receive news and updates through our social media listed below. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at asa.students@utoronto.ca

Office: AP100, 19 Russell St.
Phone: (416) 946-8493
Email: asa.students@utoronto.ca

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