Monday, June 8th, 2020...1:04pm

Black Lives Matter

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Dear Students,

These past few months have caused tremendous pain, anxiety, and grief for those in our community and beyond. We at the Anthropology Students’ Association hope that you are all staying safe and finding strength to care for yourself and those around you.

Regarding the protests against the systemic racism and police brutality faced by Black individuals in both the US and Canada, the ASA stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We unequivocally condemn any and all individuals and organizations perpetuating the injustice and violence against black, indigenous, and other POC lives. 

Anthropology is a field founded upon the racism and violence of colonialism that has both legitimized and created many racist systems of thought. As students in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto, we each carry a responsibility to recognize and confront racism in all its forms. We must and will actively work to support anti-racism initiatives and put anti-racism ideals into practice. The ASA team is turning to resources created by activists and organizers of colour to develop practices that will help dismantle the barriers contributing to an overrepresentation of white students in leadership positions. Beyond that, we will continue to question and revise our role in actualizing anti-racism on campus and utilize our privileged positions to support our fellow undergraduates.

LEAP U of T has shared important links and resources that we would like to pass on to you. These include a petition calling for a just and transparent investigation regarding the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, a Guide to Allyship created by Black Lives Matter, and a list of anti-racist strategies for white student organizers for any among you who are a part of other student groups. Additionally, there exists a google doc of compiled anti-racism resources and a free course on African American History offered by Yale University. 

In a racist society, it is not sufficient to be non-racist or focus our efforts on simply theorizing and discussing racism. We must be anti-racist by challenging the systems of academia perpetuating the privilege and valourization of white bodies and leadership. We will continue to stand in solidarity and we will put our words into action.  

Black Lives Matter.


The Anthropology Students’ Association

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