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January 2017 Newsletter Updates

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We hope 2017 is treating you well so far and wanted to welcome you back to the new school semester with some anthropology updates, upcoming events, and opportunities!

1. Anthro Gives Back
2. Book Sale (Wednesday, January 11)
3. AUJ Submission Deadline (Thursday, January 12)
4. 2015/2016 Anthropology Undergraduate Journal
5. Anthropology Job Opportunity
6. In the Field Fridays
7. A Haiku


1. We are so pleased to finally launch Anthro Gives Back, an initiative created by members of the ASA who believe that our involvement with communities shouldn’t end when the fieldwork does.

The initiative encourages students to use the Anthro Gives Back website to find a charity that helps the community that they study or work in, and to make a charitable donation as a way to not only support wonderful causes, but to also think more critically about the impact that we as anthropologists and archaeologists have and can have on the lives of the people whose cultures and histories we study.

Many of the ASA council members have already pledged to make donations through this initiative, and we invite you to join us! We will begin to share our individual experiences with Anthro Gives Back shortly on our social media platforms, and we hope that we can inspire you to take part in this initiative as well!

2. Missed our last book sale? Don’t worry, we’re already having another one! Our first book sale of the new semester will be held on Wednesday, January 11 in the Sidney Smith lobby from 9-5. Come visit us and browse through our great collection of anthropology and archaeology books. Paperbacks are only $2 and hardcovers are $3!

We highly recommend checking it out if you’ve got new classes this semester but don’t want to pay full price for new textbooks; we carry older editions of select textbooks that are still used! We’ve attached our inventory of available books to this email so you can browse through the list at your own pace. See you at the sale!

3. Just one week after our book sale is the deadline for submissions to the Anthropology Undergraduate Journal! Submissions will be accepted up until midnight on Thursday, January 19.

Email submissions, along with an abstract, to You can click here to view the full guidelines for submissions.

4. The 2015/2016 Anthropology Undergraduate Journal is finally available to view and buy! The journal can be download online for free by clicking here. Physical copies are only $10 and available for purchase upon request. Email if you would like to request one!

5. We’re happy to share a very exciting job opportunity with all of you:

Assistants are needed for a PhD project in NW Madagascar (Ankarafantsika National Park). Ankarafantsika is one of a handful of rare Tropical Dry Forests that harbour unique flora and fauna, including eight lemur species. The assistant will aid in a capture-mark-recapture study of mouse lemurs (the smallest living primates) in fragmented habitats. Work will involve setting traps at night, waking up early in the morning to locate animals, and processing captured animals in the afternoon. Conditions will be rough as camp is very remote: no running water, limited electricity, little to no access to internet or phones.

Camp is remote, but near several fun destinations including Mahajanga and Nosy Be on the Indian Ocean.

Motivated assistants will gain valuable research and technical experience in one of the most unique ecosystems on the planet and the possibility of co-authorship on scientific manuscripts.

The term of appointment is 1-3 months between May-November 2017, and the application deadline is ongoing until the positions are filled.

Click here to apply and to read more about this great opportunity.

6. Do you have any sort of field experience in anthropology? If you have photos from your field school or other field experience (even ICMs or lab work), consider submitting a photo to our In the Field Fridays series on Instagram! Either direct message our Instagram account or email us at with the photo and a little bit of information about your experience. We’ll make a post around your photo to feature you and your field work!

7. And finally, to finish off this month’s newsletter, we’ve got a great haiku for you:

Today I found shards.
Tomorrow I’ll find more shards.

We hope you all have a wonderful first full week back and that 2017 is your best year ever!

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