The Anthropology Undergraduate Journal (AUJ), a subsidiary of the ASA, aims to exemplify the exceptional contributions of University of Toronto St. George undergraduate students to the academic discipline of Anthropology. Led and chosen by the Editor-In-Chief – whom is democratically elected annually to the ASA Executive Council – the AUJ Editing Team edits, selects, and assigns recommendations to academic articles voluntarily submitted by University of Toronto St. George undergraduate students in the disciplines of Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Linguistic-Sociocultural Anthropology, and Interdisciplinary Anthropology. The selected articles, of whom the authors are unknown to the Editing Team throughout the whole of the editing/selection process, are assembled into a journal which is annually published online and made available to the public free of charge. Physical copies will be available for purchase after publication for a yet to be determined price.

The ASA will begin accepting submissions for the 2017/2018 journal at the beginning of the 2017 Fall semester. The deadline for submissions is January 12th.

If you are interested in submitting an article for potential publication in the AUJ, then please send an email to with your full name and the article as per the instructions below.

St. George Undergraduate Students are encouraged to submit original articles with the following article characteristics:

–  Topic must fall under one of the following academic disciplines: Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Linguistic-Sociocultural Anthropology, and Interdisciplinary Anthropology

– American Anthropological Association (AAA) citation format (which has been updated to adhere to the Chicago Manual of style, Author-Date format)

– 8 – 15 pages double spaced (not including images, graphs, and tables)

– 1 inch standard margins

Each student may only submit one article. An abstract MUST be included with each submission. Each article will be reviewed by several editors and will be accepted based on academic merit. If more than four articles are submitted for one or more sub-disciplines, then only a select few of the submitted articles will be chosen for publication.

The authors of selected articles will be contacted shortly after the deadline and will be given a set of editing recommendations in preparation for publishing of the articles later that year.

Past Journals:

2017-2018 (Vol. 6)

2016-2017 (Vol. 5)

2015-2016 (Vol. 4)

2013-2015 (Vol. 2/3)

2012-2013 (Vol. 1)

12 thoughts on “AUJ

  1. where can I download the PDF for the 2015/2016 journal? My son is published in it and the EPUB file I’ve downloaded doesn’t display properly on my device, so I’d like the PDF instead… thanks!

  2. Hi Paul,

    The PDF for the 2015/2016 AUJ should be up at some point today! I’m sorry for the wait; we’ve been having some technical difficulties with it. If you have any trouble with it, feel free to either comment again or send us an email.

    Michelle Volpe
    ASA Co-Vice President
    University of Toronto

  3. Hello Wilson,

    Sorry for the late reply, but I hope your semester has been well.

    Our Editor in Chief of the AUJ has confirmed that students registered at the other UofT
    campuses are encouraged to make submissions!

    Thanks for your interest, and good luck with your submission.

    All the best,

    Hilary Hager
    ASA Co-President

  4. Hi Madison, 15 pages excluding references is fine. Though we may ask you to reduce it a bit during the editing process, should it be accepted!

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