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February 2018 Newsletter

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Hello fellow anthropology students!

We hope January treated you all well and that you’re ready for a jam-packed February in the department. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:
1. Field School Seminar – Wed Feb 7, 4-6pm, room AP140
Come learn about opportunities to get experience in the field from across the three disciplines (archaeology, bio/evolutionary. and socio-cultural). Special guest Dr. Laura Bolt will be speaking about her primatology field school in Costa Rica and her work on spider monkeys there. There will also be information on field schools in general and how they operate at U of T and elsewhere! Free pizza for all attendees!
2. Anthropology Careers Beyond Academia – Fri Feb 9, 12-2pm, room AP246
This professionalization workshop will feature speakers with anthropology training across sub-disciplines sharing their experiences in having careers outside universities. Come learn from them and understand the breadth of opportunities out there for anthro graduates!
3. Vitality in Death: Automummification in Japanese Buddhism – Mon Feb 12, 12-2pm, room TBA
This semester’s academic seminar will be focusing on the socio-cultural anthropology work of graduate student Shane Dawl, who will present his work on Buddha mummies in northern Japan. He will also be showing his own short film on this topic and there will be free food for attendees!
4. Valentine’s Day Bake Sale – Wed Feb 14, 9-5, department lobby
Satisfy your sweet tooth with baking made by your very own ASA execs. Drop by the table at any time during the day to scout out the selection – return visits are always welcome!
Proceeds go to the ASA so we can continue holding awesome events!
5. Games night – time/date TBA
Join the ASA after reading week to unwind with some fun board games before the exam season hits.
That’s it for now, folks. As always, feel free to drop by the office or reach out to us on social media with any questions, concerns, or comments! Looking forward to seeing your lovely faces at events this month (which, by the way, all have lots of free food….)
<3 Your ASA execs <3

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